May 14: with Aaron Negherbon!

AARON NEGHERBON, His focus with Cops Direct has been whittled down to one key item as he recognized the need. They’re called DOK’s – short for Downed Officer Kits. These specialized first-aid kits allow for immediate treatment of traumatic injuries during the “Golden Hour,” the time frame following an accident or purposeful injury that, if treatment is provided, offers the best chance for survival.  Roughly 350 DOK’s were shipped to requesting departments (at no cost) in April. This month he will surpass that amount which includes a much-needed shipment to the Flint, MI PD among others.  DOK’s come without controversy. They’re about human life.  Officers can treat themselves or their partners as well as providing immediate assistance to civilians given they’re so frequently first on the scene.  And as it is with Troops Direct, Cops Direct operates with just 2% of donations going to administration costs. And donators can choose to earmark their donations to their own police force.


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