June 7, 2019: Gamby!


ID  40322642
Age 10Y 6M
Weight 70lbs. 8oz.
Gender Male
Breed Boxer Mix
Personality Social Butterfly

Gamby is a big, black and tan fellow who is always happy to have a visit. He has a stubby tail that he wants to wag, but since it is so short he ends up shaking his whole butt instead. It is adorable to watch. Gamby likes taking walks where he can stop and smell all the things around him. If you have had a shortage of doggy licks he will will be more than happy to get your quota back to normal. Gamby knows “sit” and he is more than happy to take a treat from you. This big boy is just so sweet you will want to be cuddled up with him all the time. Come by and say hello to Gamby today.


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