Bob Tanem in the Garden: July 23, 2019

Bob interviewed 2 guests, with a theme loosely based on the idea of summer picnicking! Parker Garlitz is an expert in “micro greens,” which he explained is sort of a cross between “sprouts” — e.g., beansprouts and alfalfa sprouts like we’ve all seen in the markets — and full-fledged vegetables.   “Micro greens” are sprouted and grown in a medium — soil or fabric — until several weeks old, and then harvested as little miniature plants or “micro” greens.   Very popular in the high-end restaurant world, but Parker told us how to do it at home!     Michael Miscoe joined the show as well, to discuss hummus and picnicking; our experts did agree that combing micro-greens with hummus and going on a summer picnic is a great idea; so following the show I’m pretty sure we all went out and did just that!

Edie Tanem was right there on cue at 9:05 to give us this weeks’ run-down of gardening events large and small, all around the Bay.   Following her report, we turned right back to the phones and took calls right up until the closing theme drowned them out!


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