Bob Tanem in the Garden: September 15, 2019

Our guest at 8:30 was Marc Hamer, author of a remarkable little book called “How to Catch A Mole and Find Yourself In Nature.”   In it, he retraces his own journey in life and likens it to the life of a mole in a way; though the irony is for a time, Marc made his living killing moles.  He discusses with us, among other things, the moment when he shifted and stopped killing moles forever, turning instead to become an advocate for nature.  Bob was quite taken with the book, and Marc joined us by phone from his home in Wales.

Edie Tanem is on hand and rarin’ to go with the latest Gardening Events PSA’s; then it’s right back to the busy phones and digging in your garden, with America’s Happy Gardener, Bob Tanem!


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