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New Poll Shows Failing Grade From Voters for SF Mayor London Breed 



AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File

The majority of San Francisco voters are not happy with Mayor London Breed’s leadership and the direction of the city. According to a recent poll conducted by Probolsky Research, a nonpartisan opinion and research firm and sponsored by the San Francisco Deputy Sheriff’s Association, only 1/3 of residents have a favorable opinion of the Mayor. 

The survey, which was conducted between April 19 and April 24 and aimed at likely voters in the city, showed that 73% of residents believe that the city is not on the right path, with only 8% believing the opposite, and 19% being unsure.

A large number of voters, 57%, were unfavorable toward Breed, while only 33% viewed her in a positive light, and 10% were unsure. In terms of job approval, 60% disapproved of Breed’s job as Mayor, 36% approved it, and 4% were unsure.

The survey also showed that only 22% of voters thought Breed deserved re-election, with 53% of voters saying Breed did not deserve it and a quarter of voters being unsure about it.