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San Francisco Divers Still Paying Some of the Highest Gas Prices in the Country



AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File

San Francisco drivers are still paying some of the highest gas prices throughout the country. Last month, AAA said the average gas prices in the area were $4.95 per gallon.

Gas prices appear to be higher in the San Francisco area due to high taxes, special gasoline required by the California Air Resources Board that reduces emissions, and few refineries in recent years.

The nationwide average price per gallon of regular gasoline has been $3.53 throughout May 2023, compared to $4.60 a year ago. Prices are still well above pre- and mid-pandemic levels.

Officials said California drivers will have to wait until September for refineries to switch from summer to winter blend – that’s when we may see prices drop 15 to 20 cents.

No surprise, the state with the most expensive gas is California, followed by Hawaii and Washington.